19 Reasons Grandma Should Never Text Again

We've already listed a number of reasons why grandfather should never really send a text message.

But what about grandmothers? Are they more adept at this form of technology than their elderly counterparts?

In short: No.

However, this just makes it all the funnier for those of us who get to read what some grandmothers have texted over the years.

Consider the following, hilarious cases in point…

1. Oklahoma!

Sure, why not, Grandma? It’s lovely state.

2. Wild and Wooly Time!

Wild and wooly time
Whatever that means.

3. You Say Chicken, I Say Children

You say chicken i say children
But maybe we should call this whole dinner off if you get your way.

4. This Is a Lot to Take In

This is a lot to take in
But we hope Lil Wayne is okay.

5. Also, Oklahoma

Also oklahoma
We assume this was the next thing she was gonna write.

6. This is Actually a Reason Why Grandma Should ALWAYS Text

This is actually a reason why grandma should always text
Nevermind. Belongs on a different list.

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