Career in fitness promises a healthy body and salary

MUMBAI: Fitness is no longer an obsession of the calorie conscious as is evident from the teeming gyms and slimming centres. Growing disposable incomes and rising health awareness has led to an explosion in the fitness industry.

It is estimated that the fit ness segment accounts for nearly 8-10% of the Rs 85,000 crore wellness industry , and is growing at a rate of over15% annually. The prosperity has brought along a gamut of career options for those passionate to stay fit and inclined to help others achieve health goals.
“It’s not just corporate groups, even families are making a foray into this area,” said Anant Gawande, CFO, Talwalkars Better Value Fitness, adding, “The good news is, it’s getting more organised with the rise in demand for trained or certified personnel.”
A career in fitness could range from becoming a basic trainer to a much-in-demand personal trainer. One could also branch out and get into the area of designing exercise equipment or taking up a job with a major hotel group. There are also promising avenues in the corporate sector with many offices investing in in-house gyms or fitness centres. Many trainers in the city have even gone on to become entrepreneurs by starting on their own.
“What makes this an exciting industry is its fast pace.There is this constant need to innovate. There is always a new workout or a diet plan to catch up with. Yoga, too, has had to evolve and take on newer avatars such as power yoga or restorative yoga,” said Sanjay Joshi of Power Fitness in Malad. For him, the key to a lasting career is sound understanding of the human anatomy and excellent communication skills.
Leena Mogre, touted as the first female personal fitness expert, said the industry has often come to the rescue of students who hate being confined to classrooms. “It could be a great platform for those passionate about physical or sports activities and love being outdoor,” she says. But, she has a word of caution. “Beware of the mom and pop centres that have mushroomed everywhere! Obtaining a certificate from a reputed institute and constantly refreshing one’s skillset is imperative. Since it involves the health of clients, one should know what exercises a back or spine patient shouldn’t perform,” she added.
Gawande added that trainers with special qualification to cater to those with medical conditions have a special place in the industry. “They can charge an arm and a limb,” he said adding that some even make up to half a million every month.Trainers training celebrities.

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