Kailyn Lowry Tweets About Sadness, Chaos Amidst Chris Lopez Cheating Scandal

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that Kailyn Lowry’s life certainly isn’t lacking in drama.

Even before the controversies surrounding Kailyn’s third pregnancy, Kailyn’s life was a non-stop soap opera that could probably support its own spinoff.

But for now, Kailyn has enough on her plate.

Chris Lopez and Kailyn Lowry

Fed up with speculation from obsessive fans, she recently confirmed that Chris Lopez is the father of her child.

That didn’t come as a huge surprise (in fact, it had been the prevailing theory for several months), but it’s looking like the Lowry-Lopez situation is more complicated than we initially thought.

For starters, it looks as though Lowry and Lopez are now broken up following a brief fling.

To further complicate matters, fans now believe that Kailyn cheated on Javi Marroquin with Lopez, which may help explain why Javi says he has no interest in forming a relationship with Kail’s third kid.

After confirming on Twitter that he knew the identity of Kailyn’s baby daddy from the start, Javi had this to say in an interview with Radar Online:

Kailyn Lowry Graduates!

“No I won’t have a relationship with the new baby.”

Doesn’t get much more blunt than that, and in a way, it’s not surprising.

Kailyn’s third kid is obviously not Javi’s, still some fans thought he might play a role in the child’s life, as the baby will be a sibling to Javi’s son, and Marroquin has maintained a close relationship with her eldest son by Jo Rivera.

But it seems Javi isn’t a fan of Lowry’s third baby daddy – and he may have good reason.

Fans might remember a scene from last season in which Javi caught Kailyn in the company of another man just days after he returned from his deployment with the Air Force.

Kailyn Lowry "Bump Day" Photo

Now, sources close to the show say that man was none other than Chris Lopez.

“That’s the guy that was blurred out when Javi caught her,” one Teen Mom 2 insider tells Radar Online.

Based on her recent tweets it seems Kail is definitely feeling a lot of pressure these days.

We guess it’s not surprising, as she recently got dumped while pregnant and one of her baby daddies is rotally pissed.

“There are some things I just won’t get over,” Kail tweeted this morning.

“Welcome to Kail and the chaos,” she followed up moments ago.

Hey, that would be a good name for that TM2 spinoff we mentioned!

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