Samsung Reportedly Testing A Dual Screen Smartphone Prototype

Will Samsung launch a foldable phone this year? Some of the rumors are saying yes, while others are saying no. However in a report from ET News out of South Korea, it seems that they are leaning more towards the “yes” because apparently Samsung is currently testing out a dual screen smartphone prototype.

It has been speculated that this particular model could be a preliminary model of the foldable smartphone dubbed the Galaxy X. The handset is said to be foldable 180-degrees and feature a pair of OLEDs connected by a hinge in the middle. We can only assume that because the rest of the circuitry isn’t as flexible which is why this dual screen prototype exists.

In fact Samsung wouldn’t be the first to launch such a device as in the past, we have seen Kyocera attempt something similar, although it didn’t really take off the way they hoped it would. It is possible that Samsung could still launch a foldable smartphone this year, but maybe the end result will be different from what we think, and that maybe it is only in 2019 that a smartphone with a “true” foldable display will emerge.

In any case take it with a grain of salt for now as we have no idea if this prototype will ever see the light of day.

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