The Voice Recap: Lovin' You Blind (Auditions)

The Blind Auditions continued on The Voice Monday night as Adam, Alicia, Blake and Gwen sought to build up their Season 12 rosters.

Which standouts advanced on this episode?

The Voice Cast Season 12 Pic

Kenny P

30-year-old Kenny struggled in his first performance on the series, but he did manage to turn Gwen and Blake’s chairs around to face him. 

Seriously, we’re beginning to think the pair have it as part of their contracts to turn around and bicker over contestants. In reality, it’s unprofessional and proves they should not be on the show together. 

Surprisingly, if not for Gwen and Blake’s blatant attempts to get air time, Kenny probably would not be advancing. The reason? His voice was not all that. 

Being a singing competition, you have to be able to sing. In fact, we don’t even know what you need to do to cut it. Just ask the previous winners if you have not already forgotten them.

In the end, Kenny went with Team Gwen, who did not seem all that ecstatic when it came down to it. Have the coaches ever been refreshed in the middle of the season? Take note, NBC execs. 

The Voice Season 12 Cast Picture

Enid Ortiz

There is some music that should be banned from singing competitions because the songs are just so great and we (and the artists!) should not have to endure their song being murdered. 

25-year-old Enid opted to sing “All I Ask” by Adele. The first half of the performance was rather problematic. The vocals were all over the place. 

Thankfully, she pulled it together in the second half which found Gwen and Blake trying to fight over yet another young artist. Blake took the top spot on this one. 

Gwen did not look amused … is a break-up now on the horizon? We kid!


29-year-old TSoul (yes, that name is legit!) opted to sing “Take Me to the River, ” and it was great. The vocals seemed very natural, nd you could tell he was the right person to be auditioning. 

The only issue was that he’s traveled the world, so he’s already had a better singing career than the likes of Blake Shelton, so it seemed odd that he would be the one to coach him. 

Gwen Stefani on The Voice Season 13

Hanna Eyre

This season seems poised to become The Voice Junior. The younger artists have been exciting additions to the series. Hanna Eyre was no different. 

Singing  “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift, Eyre was a standout performer on the night. The interesting thing about all of it was that she did not sign up for the show. That honor went to her father, who felt his daughter needed to show off her talent. 

She chose to join Team Adam and something tells us they are going to get on very well. 

Hunter Plake

“Carry On” by Fun is a feel-good song that has become something of a classic over the last few years. The vocals were definitely there and Hunter had the charm to make it far. 

It ultimately came down to Gwen and Alicia, but something tells us Hunter made the right decision by joining forces with Alicia. 

She has the ability to nurture Hunter’s talent and develop in all the places it matters. 

Alicia Keys on The Voice Season 12

Nala Price

Another contestant, another Adele song. Nala went with “Send My Love to Your New Lover” because, of course she did. It was not perfect, not by a landslide. 

The vocals were kind of all over the place, but something got Gwen and Adam excited about working with the 17-year-old Florida native. 

Nala decided to join up with Team Adam and Gwen was not impressed. 

Sammie Zonana

Much like Adele, Ariana Grande’s roster of music has been a go-to for much of the younger generation. Sammie is a trained screenwriter-turned-singer and we’re really digging her. 

Her vocals were there, and Gwen took note of it, and the rest was history. 

The Voice Season 12 Cast

Valerie Ponzio

32-year-old Valerie Ponzio went with the iconic “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash and no, it’s not iconic because it’s become a drinking game worldwide. 

Her vocals, pitch and everything else was perfect. She’s definitely the one to watch and Adam seemed confident about her. 

It’s just a shame she ditched him for Blake!

That’s a wrap on night 6 of the blind auditions. Yes, they’ve dragged, but the audition stage is the best part of the show. 

What did you think of the acts?!

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