World’s Biggest Party: Here are the spectacular sights from the carnival in Brazil!

The world-renowned carnival is under way in Rio with millions taking to the streets for days of rowdy, joyous parades and festivities, bringing the nation to a halt for its annual wild party. Nearly 800,000 Brazilian and foreign tourists are expected to join Rio’s six million residents in the celebrations, whose climax comes on Sunday and Monday with the city’s top samba schools putting on their extravagant processions led by sexy dancing queens.


Carnival revellers in Rio de Janeiro danced on to Beatles songs set to Brazilian samba rhythms on Monday. The Sargento Pimenta street band had thousands of spirited followers twisting and shouting and singing “She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah” as golden oldies from the Liverpool four blasted a waterfront park on the third day of what is dubbed the world’s biggest party.

Sao Paulo

Vila Maria

Rio de Janeiro

Carnival for dogs

Babe... is that you?

Centre stage

White Face

Unicorns do exist!

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