Beyonce: Pregnant With TWINS!!!

This is not a drill, ladies and gentlemen.

After years of Beyonce pregnancy rumors, the queen herself just took to Instagram to confirm that Blue Ivy will soon be a big sister two times over.

That’s right – Beyonce and Jay Z are officially expecting twins.

Beyonce: Pregnant With Twins Photo

Mrs. Carter posted the above photo on Instagram moments ago, along with a caption reading:

“We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carters”

As you may recall, Beyonce announced her first pregnancy live during a performance at the VMAs in 2011.

This announcement might not have quite the same panache, but fans are currently losing it on social media, nonetheless.

Beyonce Baby Bump Pic?

Within seconds of the news going public, the Bey Hive started swarming Twitter and Instagram to offer its congratulations.

(We assume most of them are also taking the rest of the day off from work.)

Of course, amidst all of the ballyhoo, there’s been the occasional contemplative tweet about what this means for the Carters immediate future:

Will Beyonce still headline Coachella?

Does this mean she won’t be divorcing Jay Z, as so many though she would in the weeks after Lemonade was released?

Beyonce Says Peace

And of course, what does Becky With the Good Hair think of all this?

(Sure, it’s Beyonce, but it’s also the Internet. You knew there was bound to be a hater or two.)

In all likelihood, we’ll have to wait until the day of the delivery to find out what epically unique names the first couple of hip hop has chosen this time, but we have our fingers crossed for another color/plant combo.

In the meantime, our congrats go out to one of our favorite celebrity families.

Beyoncé And Jay Z At Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Clippers

Naturally, most of the focus has been on the expectant mother (largely because most of the world’s focus should be on Beyonce every day), but we’d like to take a moment to give a shout-out to the her other half, as well:

*clears throat* 

You’re crazy for this one, Jay!

We don’t want it to turn into a Jackson 5 situation, but please promise you’ll get these three in the studio as soon as they show the slightest interest in music.

With their genes, it would be a crime not to.

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