Beyonce Baby Names: What Will They Be?

Beyonce and Jay Z are here to save America, people.

While we have many reasons to be very afraid for what lies ahead over the next several months, we also now have one crazy exciting reason to be… well… crazy excited:


Because we know the stars have a lot to consider and plan for in the weeks ahead, we'd like to offer our assistance in one key area.

Using the name of their first child as guidance (we love you, Blue Ivy!), we're here to offer up a handful of suggestions for what Beyonce and Jay Z ought to name their next two kids…

1. White Carnation

Beyonce says peace
See? Because Blue is a color and Ivy is a plant? Don’t worry. We have plenty more along these lines from which the couple can choose.

2. Purple Iris

Beyonce pregnant with twins photo
In honor of Prince.

3. Pink Dogwood

Beyonce and jay z on stage
Pink and Blue?!? Come on. It’s too perfect.

4. Yellow Jasmine

Beyonce roars
Actually, we take it back. We may want to use this one for our own children.

5. Red Azalea

Beyonce jay z and blue ivy
Hmm… you’re right. This one has probably been ruined by Iggy and Banks.

6. Violet Sage

Beyonce with champagne
Come on. That one is just beautiful.

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