Beyonce: Pregnant with Second Baby?!?

We interrupt our daily speculation over whether or not Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with baby number-four in order to ask the following question:

Is Beyonce pregnant with baby number-two?!?

This is a topic that has been broached on a nearly-monthly basis ever since Beyonce and Jay Z welcomed daughter Blue Ivy into the world five years ago.

But certain sources and outlets now claim to have photographic evidence of the singer rocking a baby bump.

Beyonce Says Peace

On January 27, the artist was featured in a new video ad for her clothing company, Ivy Park.

The footage depicted Beyonce in some sort of green top, which was pretty clearly covering up a rather obvious baby bump.

Click on the video at the outset of this article to see more and check out the following photo to see if you spy an enlarged tummy, due to a growing fetus:

Beyonce Baby Bump Pic?

Making matters more interesting? Causing folks to wonder even more than usual whether or not Beyonce is pregnant again?

This video was taken off the Internet within hours of it going live.

It’s almost as if the singer and her team realized that the baby bump was prominent and quickly responded by taking down the accidental confirmation.

“Beyonce Knowles is PREGNANT – she low key announced her pregnancy just a few moments ago,” wrote along with the video last week, addig:

“No Bey didn’t make a formal announcement. She merely showed up in her new Ivy Park ad – sporting a CLEAR baby bump.”

It’s worth noting, of course, that Media Take Out may be the least reliable website on the planet.

Again, however, it was not relying on any sort of anonymous source in this case; it was simply sharing photos from a video.

Beyonce Roars

Oddly enough, meanwhile, Hollywood Life is also claiming that Beyonce and Jay Z are expecting again.

But that website is basing its assertion not on any quote from someone in the singer’s camp. But on the lack of a quote.

“Everyone in Beyonce‘s inner circle is keeping quiet when it comes to the pregnancy rumors, which is unusual because normally they would just deny them outright,” an insider says.

“When there’s been pregnancy stories before everyone has just laughed them off, but this time round there’s a noticeable silence on the subject, which makes me think it’s true.”

The famous couple went through quite the 2016, of course.

It was highlighted by the release of “Lemonade,” an album that appeared to be comprised of tracks that accused Jay Z of cheating on his wife.

With that scandal behind them, might The First Couple of Music be determined to change the narrative in 2017?

To make headlines for a very different, far more adorable reason?

“There’s no doubting that Beyonce has been wearing a lot of baggy, over-sized clothing recently, and that’s soooo not like her usually,” this same source tells Hollywood Life, adding by way of rumor-spreading:

“Everyone in her crowd knows how much she and Jay would like another baby. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an announcement very soon.”

Man. How awesome would that be?!?

After the sort of year everyone just experience… and considering all the tension spread throughout the country right now… we really could use some good news.

We could use a reason to smile once again.

And it’s hard to imagine any better or more precious reason than for Beyonce and Jay Z to have a second baby.

We really hope this rumor becomes a reality!

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